The Vivo Difference

Vivo isn’t just the name of this remarkable development, it is a lifestyle concept that is infused into every aspect of this project. In daily use, Vivo means “To be alive”, or in music, “With life and vigour”. From the intelligently designed indoor/outdoor living spaces, the generous use of natural light, the impeccable finishing touches, the pet /vehicle wash station and even the bicycle and ski storage area, this building is created for living. Enjoy outdoor barbecues, walks to downtown, staying in for the night, or winter escapes – all from home, here at Vivo.

Incredibly Low Condo Fees

The Vivo difference extends into more than your day-to-day living, it is also about saving you money too. We have invested heavily into making sure that your monthly condo contributions start low, and stay low. With each home in Vivo individually metered for energy and water use, you aren’t paying for heavy or wasteful usage by your neighbour. Plus with highly efficient building design, and long-lasting materials, the common areas are lower cost to maintain. That saves you a lot of money! Why don’t other builders do that?

Environmental Benefits

Vivo has been designed with careful inclusion of elements that are environmentally cognizant. That means your Vivo condo is a home that you can be proud to own – because it is a responsible development, with lower energy consumption and a lower environmental footprint. The list is impressive, and includes such things as air-tight foam insulation, solar rough-ins, high efficiency windows, individual energy metering, motion activated lights, tankless water heating systems, electric vehicle station rough-ins, energy-star appliances, plank flooring, water-saving fixtures, and LED lighting.

Built to Last

Vivo isn’t just another condo building, it is designed and built to last for generations to come. Structural steel and concrete ensure a permanent and stable building giving residents higher comfort and security from fire & water damage – in a way that wood frame structures just can’t provide. The concrete structure also negates the worry of noise transmission between neighbours. Outdoors, the stucco exterior and concrete terraces reduce some of the largest maintenance risks that many condo buildings face. From the foundation, to the roof, Vivo delivers longevity.

Located for Living

A home isn’t complete without community. Vivo is ideally located, with under a 25 minute walk into downtown, mere minutes to major bus routes, and 4 blocks from the future north leg of the LRT. Shopping is all nearby, as are parks, pathways and the river. Sait is less than a 30 minute walk as well, as are both Prince’s Island and Saint Patrick’s Island, meaning most of Calgary’s largest outdoor events are accessible without a vehicle. For drivers, Vivo is tucked in a quiet community, yet moments away from Deerfoot Trail, the Trans Canada, and Memorial Drive. It’s all here!

For Today and Tomorrow

Vivo has been designed for living today, tomorrow, and beyond. That’s why the preparation for future life details like the electric vehicle charge station wiring, the solar piping, the air conditioner pre-wiring, the power awning rough-ins and a host of other details that were added to the already long list of included lifestyle features. Vivo is ready for your needs today, and is prepared for some of the most likely changes to come in the future. And with the ever-increasing costs of energy, many of these preparatory elements are ready to help keep those costs down.